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Dr. Mrs. Nirved Jain - Drooping Eyelids (Ptosis) Specialist

Ptosis refers to drooping of an upper eyelid of one or both eyes. The droop may be barely noticeable, or the lid can descend over the entire eye. It is caused by weakness of the muscles responsible for raising the eyelid, damage to the nerves which control those muscles, or laxity of the skin of the upper eyelids.

What are the causes of Drooping Eyelids?

Ptosis or drooping eyelid can be caused by the normal aging process, a congenital abnormality (present before birth) or due to the result of an injury or disease. The risk factors include aging, diabetes, stroke, Horner’s syndrome, myasthenia gravis, brain tumour or other cancers, which can affect the nerve or muscle response. Other causes of ptosis are injury, previous eye surgery, neurological and muscular problems. It can also be congenital (present at birth).

What are the signs and symptoms of Drooping Eyelids problem?

Drooping eyelid problem may cause Irritation, difficulty in closing the eye completely, eye fatigue from straining to keep eye(s) open, crossed or misaligned eye, double vision and sometimes it may lead to complete obstruction in the patient’s vision.

What is the procedure of curing Drooping Eyelids problem?

The type of surgery performed is dependent on the individual characteristics of the patient’s ptosis. The surgical procedure carried out by Dr. Mrs. Nirved Jain includes making a small incision within the skin crease of the eyelid, finding the main tendon within the eyelid (levator aponeurosis), strengthening the levator aponeurosis tendon using sutures and then finally suturing the skin back together.

This surgical procedure takes hardly 20-30 minutes to complete and is performed under general anesthesia leaving no chance of discomfort for the patient.

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