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Dr.Nirved Jain - Earlobe Repair Specialist

The earlobe has for ages been an anatomic location for personal adornment for many of us. From piercings to endless styles of ear rings, just about every conceivable variation of jewelry has been adapted to be applied to the earlobe.

But at times wearing too heavy earrings or due to some other external factors your earlobes may get split. In such a condition an earlobe repair surgery can come to your rescue.

How is a Split earlobe repair surgery done & how long does it take?

During an earlobe repair surgery the edges of the split earlobe are freshened and a meticulous layered wound closure is performed to reestablish a continuous earlobe. An earlobe repair surgery is a fairly simple one which takes less than an hour to perform.

Is the procedure uncomfortable or painful?

No. A local anesthetic will be used in order to numb the area. You will not feel anything during the procedure. After the procedure most people do not complain of any pain. If you have any discomfort at all, extra strength Tylenol can be taken.

How soon can I get my ears re-pierced after split earlobe repair?

Typically a patient is suggested to wait for about six weeks post operation to go for re-piercing of ears. Also do make sure that the new site for your pierced earrings is not located in an area previously weakened by heavy or dangling earrings. It is always suggested to consult your surgeon before going for re-piercing after an earlobe repair surgery.

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