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Dr. Mrs. Nirved Jain - Male Breast Reduction Specialist

Gynaecomastia is the abnormal development of large mammary glands in males resulting in breast enlargement. Many males during adolescence develop breasts due to imbalances in the hormonal changes occurring at the time of puberty. This is called physiological gynaecomastia. A majority of these subside on their own in a few years of achieving puberty, but in a small minority, they persist.

Presence of gynaecomastia could be very embarrassing to the person and affect his self esteem and morale. This condition results in the person refraining from his social circle which affects his overall personality development. For males suffering from Gynaecomastia undergoing a surgical procedure is the best cure to regain their self esteem.

How a Male Breast (Gynaecomastia) removal surgery is performed & is it a very painful one?

In a Gynaecomastia removal surgery generally the liposuction technique (link) is used to remove the fatty tissue under a general anesthetic. Small incisions are then made in the axilla and at other sites in the chest. A small metal tube (cannula) is used to suck out the fatty tissue.

If necessary, glandular tissue is also removed through incisions at the border of the nipple. The incisions are then sutured to give a flatter, firmer and better-contoured chest. The effect of a male breast removal surgery lasts for a life time.

The effect of anesthesia in the surgical site lasts for about 24 hours, thus they’re no feeling of pain in the area. When this wears off, you may begin to experience moderate discomfort for about another 24 hours. However, Dr. Mrs. Nirved Jain prescribes adequate medicines to overcome any pain whatsoever.

What is the minimum age for undergoing Gynaecomastia removal surgery?

Although there is no minimum or maximum age bar associated with Gynaecomastia removal procedure, it is advised that the sufferer waits until he has completely finished puberty (18-20 years old). The reason for this being that for many teens that are still in their pubescent period, the Gynaecomastia they're experiencing can, and usually will, go away on its own.

What is the recovery time post gynaecomastia removal surgery?

The initial recovery period is the 7 to 10 days right after your procedure. After this period you can return to work or resume your normal activities. For the first 4 to 6 weeks after surgery, it is necessary to avoid all strenuous activities, especially those involving the upper body such as lifting weights or intense workouts at the gym. Total recovery time can be around 3-6 months.

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